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Two Rocket Logs.
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About 70cm tall and nearly 10kg in weight - this will burn for between 3 & 5 hours. Ideal as a focal point for any night-time gathering or ceremony, wedding, funeral, bbq or beach party.


'The Rocketlogs were a great success, several people asked about them and I have told them I can supply details.   I burnt for around 4 hours, the other for much longer. Thank goodness I had them as the cocktail glass (complete with cherry on a stick) that I made with white fairy lights attached to a long laurel hedge failed at the last minute, the gardeners must have chopped through the wire the day before, so I stood the logs at the entrance to the drive and they were a great success.  You may need to open a Surrey depot next year.' 
(Ida Le Roy)

Rocket Log x 2 (that is two rocket logs)

  • Rocket Logs are made from.... you guessed it.... a log. 100% sustainably managed timber helping to regenerate ancient woodland on Dartmoor National Park, UK. We have replanted at least 4 trees for every tree felled.

    Only burn rocket logs outside - not in your living room! Find a nice level ground to stand it on, or in public settings bury it up to 6 inches in the ground so it can't get carried away or knocked over.

    Pop a firelighter inside and you will have it burning with just one match! Great for that instant wow-factor at any gathering.

    Rocket Logs are best burnt at night - creating the Rocket Log magic.

    You can also cook on a rocket log... just add 3 nails or screws - make sure they are well fixed. This can act as a trivet for a pot or pan. Beware - don't use your best cooking pot - the fire will make the bottom black!


    SAFETY FIRST! Follow these rules & keep your eyebrows on!

    The RocketLog is only suitable for outdoor use

    Once lit, The RocketLog is an open fire and needs to be handled with care

    Leave a distance of approx. 5 metres from any flammable materials

    Check the direction of the wind before lighting your RocketLog

    Light the RocketLog using a firelighter or two placed in the hole
    Never look straight down into a Rocketlog once lit

    Do not move the RocketLog once lit

    Ensure there are no children near the RocketLog once lit

    Do not leave the RocketLog unattended once lit

    Allow the RocketLog to burn up fully, or put it out using water
    Please spread the word - Share the Rocketlog Magic!

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