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The Rocket Log - helping regenerate ancient woodland on Dartmoor


Hand carved in the heart of the woods at The Hillyfield woodland farm on Dartmoor. This is an innovation in Firewood - a free-standing bonfire, a flaming candle in just one log.


Rocket Logs add that special something to every outdoor gathering - on the beach, at a wedding, or other ceremony. If you are outdoors & fancy a magical flaming centre-piece then look no further. A hybrid rocket stove and Swedish Candle, the Rocket Log is hollowed out by hand using a chainsaw, and made from 100% sustainable home-grown timber.

Each Rocketlog is provided with a pack of fantastic 'Flamer' firelighters made in Britain by Certainly Wood also under licence from 'Grown in Britain'.


'Wow!' - Dotty Speedwell Walter, Devon

'Really Impressive' - Patricia Parker, Surrey
'Lasts Ages - Great for a Wedding'  - Sima Cutting, The Kitchen Table
'The Rocketlogs were a great success... 1 burnt for around 4 hours, the other for much longer. Thank goodness I had them as the cocktail glass (complete with cherry on a stick) that I made with white fairy lights attached to a long laurel hedge failed at the last minute, the gardeners must have chopped through the wire the day before, so I stood the logs at the entrance to the drive and they were a great success.  You may need to open a Surrey depot next year.' 
​​​​​​- Ida Le Roy, Surrey

Rocket Logs create a fantastic flaming centre-piece for any outdoor gathering.

They are set alight with just a single match and burn for between 3 and 5 hours.

Made from 100% locally sourced sustainable timber and supporting ancient woodland regeneration at The Hillyfield.


Rocketlogs cost just £25 each or three for £60, plus the cost of the courier to anywhere in the UK. Find out more and order by emailing or call 07976589927


To find out about work at The Hillyield visit our website at 


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